8 Signs He’s perfect for You!

He lets you breathe.
Someone who loves you will know the difference between love and obsession. He will not cling to you like glue all the time. He will give you your space so you don’t suffocate because sometimes, girls really want to be with their girlfriends. He will identify that you have other people too and they are important too.

He gives you privacy.
Your Mr. Right will trust you enough to never check your phone or ask for passwords. Personal space is very important for everyone and nobody deserves to be checked on. If he really needs your Facebook password to love you, he is messed up!

He doesn’t keep secrets from you.
If he really loves you, it means that he trusts you enough to stay truthful to you. There is no need for him to hide things from you or to lie to you. He will be honest and straightforward and he should be able to say anything to you.

You fall in love with him every single day!
He is just so dreamy at times that you cannot contain yourself! The importance he gives to you, the love he shows and the times when he is just being himself, he just makes you feel something else and my dear friend, if you ever go through this, don’t let him go!