Kylie Jenner Is Embarrassed Of Her Dad. The Reason Left Us Shocked


Kylie Jenner is the style icon for millions of people all around the world! Everyone just get glammed by all her gorgeous looks, her amazing style statement, her makeup, hair and what not! It is Kylie and everything about it that what would make anyone be like her or even spend a day like her with all the paparazzi roaming around her, the glam of her high celebrity line would make you wanna do some magic trick and transform your life like hers! But sure there is something that are so carefully hidden in the sparkles of these glam of celebrities that it is almost impossible for the general audience to see how they are in person and what kind of s**t they are dealing with! Being a celebrity won’t make them get away from the scary claws of life but sure they have their ways to hide them better!