Brave teen crash survivor – Great work by surgeons to rebuild features


WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES Chloe Thomson, now 19, was taunted about the way she looked by heartless bullies after she was severely injured in a horror car crash

A teenager has told of how she has defied heartless bullies who taunted her after she had her face taken off by surgeons following a horror car crash.

Chloe Thomson was severely injured when the vehicle she was travelling in spun off the road and crashed into a tree in Argyll and Bute, Scotland.

Then 11 years old, she had to undergo emergency surgery to treat the countless broken bones in her face and body, the Daily Record reports.

This included having her face taken off so that surgeons could rebuild her shattered features.

Chloe, now 19, also had to have both her badly broken legs realigned, and was left in a wheelchair for a year following the crash.