12 Things You Definitely Need to Stop Texting him

1. You’ve Already Texted With No Response

If you’ve already texted more than say five times in a day and haven’t received a single response, it is definitely time to stop texting and take the hint.

2. You Haven’t Spoken In Weeks, Months, Years

It’s been weeks, months or years since you’ve seen or talked to him, but you can’t get him out of your mind. He’s inevitably the one you drunk text after too many shots, pleading for him to acknowledge your existence to no avail.

3. You’re Always The One Who Texts First

Don’t read too much into it, but if you’re always the one who texts first (and especially if you get irritated by that fact) give it a break. Take some time off from being the conversation starter and let him take the reigns every once in a while.

4. You Know He’s Out With The Guys

If you know he’s out with all the guys, then let him have his guy’s night uninterrupted. You don’t need to keep tabs, check in, or get all the juicy details (you can probably get those later, if there are any).

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