12 Things You Definitely Need to Stop Texting him

5. He Has A Busy Day At Work

Maybe he has a huge meeting coming up, a presentation to prepare for, or it’s just that time of year where all the work seems to pile up. As much as you think you might be helping by sending him cute little texts, hopefully brightening up his day, you might just be stressing him out further. Another notification means disrupting his flow or train of thought and having to think about something else.

6. He’s Out With His Family

Similar to when he’s out with his friends, let him spend time with his mom, play football with his brothers, or watch his sister’s dance recital. It’s great that he has a quality relationship with his family and wants to see them. So let him spend some uninterrupted, quality time with them.

7. Because He’s With Another Girl

Don’t assume that just because he’s hanging out with another girl that something bad is automatically going to happen. You don’t need to check up on him, or let your jealousy shine through.

8. When You’re Both Angry

There’s no point texting back and forth for hours trying to figure things out when you’re both really angry at something. It’s slow, you’re both emotional, and there is just so much room for misinterpretation and error that you’re likely to just make things worse by misunderstanding each other.

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