Procedure And Benefits of Yoga Asana – Uttana Mandukasana, Utthitadvipadagrivasana & Utthita-Ekapada-Hastasana!

1. Uttana Mandukasana:- Sit straight. Bend the knees and take the feet back. Now spread the knees wide enough bringing the big toes together. Take both arms above your head and hold each elbow with the other hand. Inhale and retain the breath. Stretch the chest and gaze in front of you.

Benefits:- Lungs become strong, blood is purified and Prana comes under control by retention of breath.

2. Utthitadvipadagrivasana (Legs-on-neck Posture):- Sit on your buttocks. Raise one leg and place it firmly on the back of the neck. Now, raise the other leg and place it on the first. Straighten the arms; keep the palms flat on the ground and balance the whole body on them. Maintain the posture for some time. Release the feet, take a little rest and repeat it once or twice.

Benefits:- It makes neck, waist, stomach, thighs, fingers and arms strong and flexible; the Prana becomes strong and the body healthy.

3. Utthita-Ekapada-Hastasana (One-leg-up Posture) :- Stand erect. Place the feet together. Stretch your left leg forward and hold the left toe with the left hand. Retain the breath and straighten the left leg and arm. Place the right forearm on the back. Repeat the exercise with the other leg also.

Benefits:-Waist, knees and legs become strong.


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