11 Reasons A Good Guy Won’t Cheat On You. #5 You Can’t Ignore.

Cheating in a relationship is, of course, not monopolized by either gender. Men cheat, women cheat, and according to studies, they have different reasons for doing so.

I don’t think we can necessarily just say “men cheat for this reason, and women cheat for this reason,” though. Each individual person and scenario brings about a reason or reasons of its own.

That being said though, I think we need to be careful of blanket statements like all men cheat or all women cheat. As a man, I can only speak on behalf of my own gender. I have never cheated and would never cheat — but when I say this to people they always ask how I can say I would never cheat?

There are plenty of reasons why a good man would never even have the thought cross his mind…


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