19 Embarrassing Things That’ve Happened To Every Teen In Public

1. Going shopping with your parents
We get it. We need you to come shopping with us so we can use your credit card, so you can buy us what we want, lol. But I’d rather gauge my eyes out than try on those dip dye denim flares. Thanks.

2. Taking the trash out
I mean seriously. Of course I’m going to bump into my absolute crush when I’m taking out the trash; in my gross tracksuit bottoms and my hair is shoved into a messy, greasy bun. I look like I’m homeless.

3. Talking to your crush
Talking to that cute guy in math class can be scary enough, but when you’re both in a big crowd it’s a whole different level of horrific.

4. School presentations
Let’s be honest here – we would all rather die than do this. Talk in front of my entire year about something I actually don’t care about at all, but make it sound like it’s my biggest passion in life? Sure. Of course. Delighted to…

5. Bumping into a teacher outside of school
Oh great, there’s Mr. Jackson coming right towards me. Please don’t see me, please don’t see me, please don’t see m – OH HEY MR. JACKSON.


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