19 Embarrassing Things That’ve Happened To Every Teen In Public

10. Buying a bra
I’m all for supporting those boobs, but I’m pretty sure creepy Josh at cash register 4 just caught a good glimpse of my 32AA bra size. Kill me.

11. Bumping into neighbours outside the house
Honestly, guy, I wasn’t expecting this. Hence why I’m in my pj’s with my hair in a bun that would rival any bakery.

12. Seeing an old friend you don’t talk to
So this is an awkward one. Do I say hi and act like the bigger person? Or do what I actually wanna do, and ignore that bee-yatch and keep on walking…?

13. When your parents bump into their friends and you’re forced to talk to their children

Ugh, seriously Mom, how many times do I have to tell you? I don’t like Jenny. Jenny doesn’t like me. Can we please just, not?

14. Blowing your nose
It’s a perfectly normal thing to do, but for some reason, I just feel like the grossest monster ever when I have to do this.


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