Airplanes Have A Surprisingly Advanced System To Deal With Poo

One of the great joys of living in a modern home is pooping in comfort. We probably take it for granted until we find ourselves in a strange, sketchy bathroom. It’s then when we yearn for home like never before. Nothing beats home base.

Which is one of the things that makes traveling a challenge. At home, you don’t have to consider it; you just go when you need to. On the road, it can get dicey. Smart people have been considering this difficulty for ages, and they’ve come up with some interesting solutions.

On the train, you’re encouraged to not flush while you’re in the station. Why? Because it just goes out on the tracks. That’s not really an option with an airplane, so they have a more high-tech answer to that age-old problem.

#… Is there any place you want to be less than the airplane bathroom?2
It’s cramped, it’s tiny, it’s uncomfortable, and did we mention small? How do people with claustrophobia even handle long-haul flights?


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