Five Years After Receiving A Full Face Transplant, This Hero Breaks His Silence

When you smile, the whole world is supposed to smile with you. That’s the way it works, right?

Well, not for everybody. After some terrible misfortune, some people are left without smiles to give. Can you imagine? Losing your face must be a loss of identity. It’s a fundamental blow. And when you can’t smile, how can the world smile with you?

But with medical science on the case, doctors have been able to work marvels and restore both the ability to smile, and give a reason to smile. Check out what they did for Mitchell Hunter.
WARNING: Some readers may find some of these images graphic.
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#… In 2001, Mitchell Hunter was in a life-changing car wreck.2
In the accident, he was a passenger in a car that hit an electrical pole. Although he managed to push a woman to safety, a high-voltage wire shocked Mitchell with 10,000 volts — for five minutes.

#… He survived but lost a leg, and burns from the electrical shock left him disfigured.3
Needless to say, he went through some dark times after the accident, even though he couldn’t remember it. “People tell me I’m fortunate that I don’t remember [the accident] because it would probably be a lot of pain,” he told WISH-TV.


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