Photographer Captures The Beauty Of Natural Birth, Challenges Everyone To Break The Taboo

Bring a new life to world is the most amazing power a woman have. Being a mother is the most amazing feeling for a woman. After carrying child for nine month in her womb, she felt very special after finally bringing her child in world. During this period she learn many things, she come to learn about her strength, she become aware of her body even more, etc. During her pregnancy she also face some problem like body pain, she also have to deal with fears she never knew existed, but these problem are nothing in front of the happiness due to her pregnancy. So, basically here the point is that pregnancy is a very special moment.

How special and powerful is the pregnancy? To tell this thing to world, a photographer named Angela Gallo (Doula) shares pregnancy photographs on her social media profile. Angela Gallo is from Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. She is a professional birth photographer, who loves to explore the worth of motherhood and shares pregnancy picture with the world.


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