Post-Workout Nutrition | The Best Carb Sources To Eat After A Workout


Post-workout nutrition is absolutely crucial to your progress. If you are pushing yourself in the gym, it’s important to follow up on that with some solid nutrition afterwards. Carbohydrates are critical to recovery in this period.

Post-workout, your body will be high in the stress hormone cortisol which is catabolic (breaks down muscle). Your muscles will not become anabolic (grow) again until your energy stores are fully replenished, enough so to begin repair.

It makes more sense to be carb heavy around your workouts as training will make your body more sensitive to insulin, meaning it can tolerate and use carbohydrates better during this period of time.

Carbohydrates For Post-Workout Recovery
Carbohydrate ingestion after a tough session will get you on the road to recovery, specifically simple carbohydrates which digest quickly in the body. When you train hard, your body takes glycogen to use as fuel. The body’s glycogen stores need to be replenished, and this is what happens when you eat carbs post-workout.

✓ Complex carbs which take longer for the body to digest are still an important part of your nutrition plan, but they will not serve you as well post-workout as simple carbohydrates will.