This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Sleep Less Than 6 Hours A Day

Lack of sleep is an epidemic which has spread across the world. Especially in the 21st century, when technology has taken over our lives and gadgets such as mobile phones have become our best friends, we spend more time with Facebook and Snapchat daily than we do with our actual friends. Mobile phones are embedded in our lives so deep that on an average every human being with a mobile device receives a notification every third minute, all across the day.
None of this can be an excuse for not sleeping well. There are multiple reasons why you can not be sleep deprived and need to put sleep on your ‘priority task’ list. American Academy for Sleep Medicine says that one in every three adults is suffering from lack of sleep today.

I must be one of them. Are you? Let’s find out.

Within 48 hours, your body is under lack of Oxygen


As oxygen level reduces in your body, your athletic abilities start to slow down and you tend to feel slower than usual. Within 72 hours, the body starts to feel agitated, concentration hits a new low and you become accident prone in case you are driving.


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