Doctors Are Stunned By Conjoined Twins’ Transformation After They’re Separated

Doctors didn’t expect Shylah and Selah Oglesby to live. In fact, doctors believed the conjoined twins’ chances of dying were around 75 to 95 percent, leaving a small window for survival.

Shylah and Selah were conjoined at the stomach. Although they had two separate hearts, they shared a liver. Their parents, Misty and Curtis Oglesby, agreed to allow the baby girls to undergo an invasive surgery to separate them.

Physicians at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center spent three months creating a strategy to separate the little ones. Finally, the six hour surgery was a success. Shylah and Selah were separated, but Selah still struggled with a congenital heart defect that required several surgeries.


Two years later, and the toddlers are happy, healthy babies. Both their parents and doctors are stunned at their development.


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