What Haircut Should I Get?

If you’ve ever wondered what hairstyles suit you and how you should cut your hair, here’s a list of the top styles for all men. We’ve broken down the different hairstyles for men according to face shape – oval, long, round, square, diamond, and triangle. If you catch yourself asking “what kind of haircut should I get?”, check out the best men’s hairstyles below to help you choose the right haircut.

Oval Face Shape

The defining feature of an oval face shape is the absence of sharp angles or corners near the forehead, cheeks and chin. Because of their symmetry and balance, most hairstyles look great on oval faces, including fades and undercuts with comb overs, quiffs, pompadours, textured slick backs, and spiky hair. However, avoid fringes and bangs that could cover your forehead and make your face appear rounder.

Facial hair and beards are optional for guys with oval faces. Because of the soft, smooth contours of the jawline, go clean-shaven.

Brush Back


Undercut with Comb Over



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