5 Common Lipstick Mistakes We All Make That Ruin Our Pout

A lipstick beats all the other make-up products for the top spot. There is something really timeless about this little bullet of colour. It instantly brightens up your eyes, and brings colour to your face. But, many a times, no matter how fancy it looks, wearing a bold lip is a lot of hard work. Sometimes the colour fades out in half an hour. Here are the small things that we are not paying attention to, when applying lipstick, and should start now.

You’re not prepping your lips


Lipstick won’t go smoothly and evenly, and won’t last long on chapped lips. Prepare your lips for application by exfoliating with a sugar scrub, or a toothbrush. Also, you need to moistruise your lips. Plump, hydrated lips will make your lipstick more comfortable to wear. If you have a drying formula, it won’t take a toll on your pout if you’re prepared, so drink enough water and apply a hydrating lip balm.


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